Early on the morning of the 17th April, 1941, Maj younger was in command of a squadron of light tanks of the 7th Hussars near FORT CAPUZZO. He personally led a raid against the enemy defences on the western side of FORT CAPUZZO.

On approaching the western perimeter of the Fort, his leading troop, with which he was at the head of, came under intense machine gun, A/Tk gun and field gun fire from the Fort.

His squadron returned the enemy fire, and led by him, proceeded first along the western perimeter and then along the southern perimeter of the Fort returning the enemy’s fire with all their weapons, and inflicting very considerable casualties on enemy personnel and equipment.

Had Maj Younger shown the slightest hesitation when his troop first came under this heavy fire, the result might have been disastrous for his squadron and for the A/Tk troop which was accompanying them.

It was his fine example in the face of very heavy fire which caused the attack to be the success it undoubtedly was.

Lt-Col JC Campbell, DSO MC
4th Regiment, R.H.A.

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