On January 22nd, 1941 this NCO was Troop Sgt when his troop advanced under heavy fire towards the wire at Tobruck. He showed great courage, coolness and initiative, when his Troop Leader’s tank was blown up on a mine.

He took his tank up to the damaged tank and after directing his gunner to give covering fire, he got out under heavy and point blank anti-tank rifle and small arms fire and helped his Troop Leader to put on a tow rope. He then towed the tank about a thousand yards, when the soft ground caused the damaged tank to swivel round, pulling his own tank broadside to the enemy fire.

This NCO again got out under heavy fire in an effort to find some other way to tow the tank. Both tanks were then hit by A/T rifle fire and his operator wounded.

Sgt Cleere then tried to get out the driver of the damaged tank, but he was dead and it was decided to abandon the tank. Sgt Cleere then picked up the crew of the damaged tank and got them out of action.

Throughout the whole campaign this NCO has done consistently well, showing initiative, coolness and courage.

Comd 7 Hussars

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