During the action at MECHILI on January 24th 1941 against an enemy column; protected by medium tanks, the bullet proof glass block in the driver’s visor in front of his eyes was shattered by an enemy projectile and he received severe wounds in the face included both eyes, totally blinding him, at any rate for the time being. (He may recover the slight of one eye and be able to see something with the other).

In spite of these wounds he continued to drive his tank in accordance with the directions of its Commander, and succeeded in extricating it in reverse away from an extremely exposed position, until it had reached cover.

It was then discovered that he had been severely wounded and totally blinded.

Had it not been for his most gallant behaviour, it is certain that the tank with its crew would have been lost as the enemy cruisers were following up knocking out any light tanks they could get close to.

Trooper Barlow has been commended by his Squadron Leader in several other actions and for his efficiency, courage, and endurance throughout the campaign.

Comd 7 Hussars

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