During period 23 Oct 42 to 17 Feb 43 this NCO (then Tpr) has acted as tank driver and has shown conspicuous courage and devotion to duty whenever in action during this period.

An outstanding case of this occurred near SIDI BARRANI on 9 Nov 42. On this occasion the tank which he was driving surprised and engaged a hostile A/Tk gun at close range, receiving two direct hits which killed the operator and wounding the Commander and the gunner so seriously that they became unconscious and subsequently died.

On his own initiative Tpr (now LCpl) Kincaid drove the tank straight at the enemy gun and put the crew to flight. He then with drew his tank by skillful manoeuvre in order to obtain medical assistance.

His courage and determination on this and other occasions have been beyond praise.

RCH Kidd
4th Hussars

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