On Feb 6th, 1941, at BEDA FOMM, Sgt Burton was acting as operator to Captain JL Marsh, commanding ‘B’ Squadron, 2RTR attached 3rd Hussars.

This squadron of seven tanks was attacked by about four times it’s number and during the engagement Captain Marsh was wounded.

Sgt Burton not only attended to Captain Marsh but without the slightest hesitation took complete control of the squadron from Capt Marsh’s tank, sending back the clearest and most concise information as regards the battle and at the same time keeping complete control of the situation in his squadron until Captain Marsh was able to act again.

This N.C.O. was suddenly put in a position where he turned his high knowledge and first class training to such effect that for the period of time Captain Marsh was incapacitated it would have been difficult – apart from the change of voice – to know that Captain Marsh had been hit and that Sgt Burton had assumed control.

RN O’Connor
Comd 4 Armd Bde

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