Sgt Campbell was in the leading tank of a patrol ordered to investigate an enemy road block on the MAGWE-YENANGYAUNG road.

He moved up close to the block when the enemy attacked with gas grenades. all members of the crew except Sgt Campbell, including the driver, were rendered insensible. although himself feeling sick and giddy, Sgt Campbell climbed into the driver’s seat and drove the tank back 100yards.

Sgt Campbell then manned the guns and, in spite of enemy mortar fire, succeeded with his troop leader in inflicting casualties on parties of the enemy in a building and in the open. Sgt Campbell then drove the tank out of action.

It was due to coolness and presence of mind of this NCO that the tank and its crew were not captured by the enemy and that valuable information concerning enemy dispositions was obtained.

Sgt Campbell has commanded a tank in Libya and in Burma and has proved himself to be a fearless and resolute leader in whom reliance can always be placed.

FRC Fosdick
7th Hussars

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