At CIVITA on 15 Jun 44 Sgt Fittall’s troop went out to collect a badly wounded officer of the Royal Engineers.

Having found him after a prolonged search Sgt Fittall, with his driver and gunner, dismounted from his tank and although under very heavy mortar and shell fire administered first aid to the wounded officer.

Meanwhile he instructed the 2nd driver of the tank to turn it around. while this was being done the tank was hit and knocked out. Sgt Fittall then lifted the wounded officer on to his troop leader’s tank and although still under very heavy fire, sat on the outside holding him whilst he was brought back.

Sgt Fittall then immediately set out on his feet, armed with a tommy gun and grenades, to look for his 2nd driver who was missing.

On arrival at the tank he was shot at by a sniper and badly wounded through the thigh. Unable to move, he remained there engaging snipers with his tommy gun until his troop leader found him in the evening.

There is no doubt that the Royal engineer officer owes his life entirely to this Sgt’s outstanding courage and determination.

Cmdg 3rd hussars

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