During the action at MECHILI on January 24th, 1941, this man was a 2 pounder gunner on a Cruiser Tank.

During the action two of our three Cruisers were put out of action. On the order to withdraw, the Cruiser which Tpr Bell was in could not be made to start for 10 minutes, during which period at least 8 enemy medium tanks had approached to within 400 yards.

Tpr Bell single handed kept an extremely rapid (55 rounds in 10 minutes), determined and accurate fire and accounted for at least 2 of the enemy tanks and certainly kept the remainder at bay.

It was the cool action on the part of this gunner that enabled the two damaged tanks to limp out of action and undoubtedly saved the crew of his own tank.

FW Byass
7th Hussars

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