At about 0730 hours on May 27th, 1942, the Regiment was attacked in greatly superior force by the 8th German Tank Regiment in the area Giof el Baar.

Major Hackett succeeded during this action in keeping his Squadron together in spite of the fact that Regimental Headquarters and both Grant Squadrons had been put out of action.

His Squadron knocked out at least 10 German tanks and then withdrew and for the remainder of the day acting on his own initiative took up the roll of left flank Guard to the mass of wheeled vehicles retiring on SIDI REZEGH.

He was continuously in action against German light forces during the day in spite of running out of petrol and ammunition. It was entirely due to his own initiative that most of this Transport was saved from attack.

During the opening battle Major Hackett’s tank was hit, he himself suffering from burns which did not detract him from remaining in action until nightfall.

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