During the absence of the CO, Lt Col Byass, Major Shepard commanded 7th Hussars from 5/2/41 to 12/2/41 which period included the final decisive battle of BEDA FOMM.

In the late afternoon of 5/2/41, when I heard of the position of an enemy column moving south of BENGASI 6 miles west of BEDA FOMM, I ordered 7th Hussars, the leading unit of the brigade, to attack the column as soon as possible. With great dash Major Sheppard led his unit into the enemy, capturing guns and many prisoners and completely disorganising them.

On 6th Feb I gave 7th Hussars the difficult task of harassing the rear of the enemy main column in order to contain a part of this force while the remainder was being attacked by other units.

Maj Sheppard handled his unit exceedingly skillfully and besides doing much damage to the enemy succeeded in continuing with his 22 light tanks, 25 medium tanks of the enemy for many hours, this contributing very largely to our victory, since the intervention of this mass of medium tanks elsewhere might have turned the scale against us.

Commander, 4th Armoured Brigade

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