This NCO was operator-gunner of a light tank during the raid on the western exits of FORT CAPUZZO on the morning of 17th April, 1941.

Early in the action his tank sustained a direct hit on the front of the turret from an enemy A/Tk gun. In spite of this he continued to keep up such a rapid and accurate fire that he is known to have knocked out a large enemy armoured car, several vehicles and set fire to an ammunition dump.

Throughout the action his tank was under heavy M/G, A/Tk gun and artillery fire.

Regardless of his personal safety he continued to serve his guns will telling effect until his squadron was finally withdrawn.

This NCO set a fine example, in the face of enemy fire, which should be a lesson to all ranks.

JC Campbell DSO MC
Lt-Col R.H.A.
Commanding 4th Regiment R.H.A.

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