At RIPA on 26th Jun 44 Capt Heseltine was commanding the leading squadron of the regiment.

The enemy were withdrawing in confusion and a large number of them were collected in a valley immediately in front of his squadron. Each time however a tank tried to cross the open ridge in order to see into the valley it was engaged by hidden guns at point-blank range.

Capt Heseltine, under heavy fire, went alone on foot and located the two guns – a 105mm and a 50mm A/T gun. Returning to the nearest tank he dismounted the commander and gunner deciding to fire the gun himself since he alone knew the exact position of the enemy guns.

Driving quickly over the ridge onto the forward slope he destroyed both guns before they had time to engage him. His squadron were thus enabled to move forward again causing very heavy casualties to enemy infantry and pack transport with which the valley was crowded.

Capt Heseltine’s coolness, courage and resourcefulness were very largely responsible for the complete success of the action.

Sir Peter W Farquhar, Bt
Lt Col
Comd 3rd Hussars

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