In the attack on CITTA DELLA PIEVE on 17 Jun 44, Lt Ward was commanding one of the leading troops of ‘B’ Squadron, 3rd Hussars.

During the attack this officer personally, with his own tank, destroyed one 88mm A/Tk gun, two 75mm SP guns and two MG posts, in each case killing the crew of these guns and posts.

In the case of another 88mm A/Tk gun, which had already knocked out one tank of another troop, Lt Ward was unable to maneuver his troop into a position from which he could engage it.

He therefore dismounted, crawled forward into the enemy position, located the gun and returned to report its position. Then, in company with an OP from the Chestnut Troop 1 RHA, he again crawled forward and pointed out the gun to the OP who successfully engaged it in spite of the fact it was only 150 yds away from them.

Lt Ward then returned to his troop,went forward, finished off the gun and its crew and continued the advance.

During the last fortnight’s fighting Lt Ward has invariably been conspicuous for his coolness and courage and has set a fine example to all ranks.

3rd The King’s Own Hussars

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