At about 0510 hrs on 4 Jan 45, Lt LC Jackson, commanding 4th Troop, ‘A’ Squadron, was ordered to proceed to assist an infantry post at CASA DI MEZZA which was being heavily attacked by enemy infantry.

Lt Jackson calmly dismounted, although under fire, and directed his tanks into previously selected fire positions.

One of his tanks was “bazooka-ed” at close range, the crew being either killed or badly wounded. After giving orders to the remaining tanks he entered the farm and by his calmness steadied the hard-pressed infantry and organised an all round defence.

Owing to the vineyards and hostile smoke the enemy was able to surround the farm and approach to a very close range. At 0700 hrs he had to call for ammunition for himself and the infantry. This was brought up in a Stuart recce tank. During a lull in the fighting Lt Jackson extricated two wounded men from the knocked out tank. One soon died, the other, with the aid of PW, was evacuated.

The attack was renewed at about 0730 hrs on the northern portion of the farm. The enemy had infiltrated to the farmyard, and where small arms fire could not penetrate, 75mm HE was fired at ranges as low as 50 yds.

Lt Jackson remained a calm and controlling influence throughout the battle, for a period of nearly 5 hrs of fierce fighting. He was observed quietly walking from position to position giving fire orders and directing operations.

By his determination and gallant defence the enemy was frustrated and suffered a costly defeat, enemy casualties being estimated at 80 killed and wounded and 37 PW.

Lt Col
Cmdg 4th Queen’s Own Hussars

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