On 6th March 1942 at PAYAGYI (North of PEGU) Lt Stanley-Evans, in cooperation with a Company of the West Yorkshire Regiment, led his troop into action against a Japanese Post in a wood which was held by infantry and four guns.

Whilst the Supporting Company were attacking through one part of the wood, Lt Stanley-Evans endeavored to move his troop through another part. Finding the wood too thick for his tanks Lt Stanley-Evans, showing complete disregard for his personal safety, dismounted from his tank and entered the wood alone with a Tommy gun.

After killing a number of the enemy Lt Stanley-Evans put the remainder to flight.

Later, on the same day, Lt Stanley-Evans attacked with his troop against four enemy tanks and destroyed three of them.

On the night 6/7th March this officer made a reconnaissance of an enemy road block south of PEGU and came under heavy fire at point blank range. Lt Stanley-Evans returned with valuable information.

Throughout these operations this officer has shown outstanding initiative, courage and power of leadership.

?H Christie

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