At FORT CAPUZZO, on 15 July 1940, ‘B’ Squadron, 7th Hussars under Capt Pitman-Butler, attacked an enemy lorry column protected by field artillery and A/Tk guns.

During the action and when actually among the enemy gun positions, Capt Pitman-Butler was severely wounded.

Cpl Cowley who was the wireless operator in the Squadron Leaders tank with complete disregard for his own life and safety, got on to the outside of his tank and supported Capt Pitman-Butler, thus preventing him from either falling out of his tank or into the well of the tank.

While he was doing this Cpl Cowley was wounded in the leg but in spite of this, Cpl Cowley remained supporting Capt Pitman-Butler until his tank got well out of range of the enemy guns.

Officer Commanding
Western Desert Force

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