On 4 Jan 45 Cpl Hill was operator to Tp Ldr, 4th Tp, ‘A’ Sqn. The Tp was ordered to support a company of infantry of which one platoon was being heavily attacked in the CASA DI MEZZA.

The Tp Ldr left his tank to organise the all round defense of the farm buildings. He appointed Cpl Hill to command the tank, which he did for a period of more than 4 hours of fierce close quarter contact.

He displayed great coolness and initiative and showed considerable skill in handling his guns and selecting targets where the danger threatened most.

At about 0700 hrs, when ammunition was almost entirely expended, he organised the remainder of his crew to employ all available automatic weapons which included captured German automatic rifles. At one period he was observed standing in the turret firing a German automatic rifle upon the enemy at very close range.

After the arrival of a Stuart tank with a replenishment of ammunition he assisted in collecting the ammunition across the open although under fire and continued the fight with the Browning guns mounted in the tank.

There is no doubt the Cpl Hill played a most important part in this action, which frustrated the enemy in his intentions and inflicted very heavy losses upon him.

Enemy casualties round the farm are estimated at 80 killed and wounded and 37 PW.

9 Armd Bde

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