During the attack on the enemy on the TONGUE on 2 Apr LCpl Gordon, commander of the leading KANGAROO which was carrying the assault boats and personnel of ‘C’ Tp, 43(RM) Cdo, was informed that an A/Tk gun had been located about 300 yards from the west bank of the river.

The KANGAROO was then about 200 yards from the east bank of the river and although it was suggested that the boats and personnel could be off loaded, the KANGAROO commander remonstrated that it was too far for the personnel to carry the boats and equipment. He continued forward to the river bank where the boats and equipment were off loaded.

Despite intense MG, mortar and A/Tk fire he remained on the river bank giving covering fire to ‘C’ troop with his .30 browning.

During this period he received a direct hit from the A/Tk gun but he still continued giving covering fire until the bridge head across the R.RENO had been established.

The success of the assault crossing was largely dependent on the courage, coolness and disregard for his personal safety shown by LCpl Gordon in distracting the enemy fire from the troops crossing the river.

IH Riches
Lt Col RM
Comd 43 (RM) Cdo

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