On the morning of the 25 Sep 44 near SANTARANGELO Sgt Beet was in command of a tank which formed part of a troop ordered to clear the approaches to and report on the damage to, the blown bridge on Route 9 over R.USO near this town.

When, owing to heavy enemy shelling and A/Tk fire it was impossible to approach sufficiently close to the bridge with tanks to do this recce, Sgt Beet volunteered to obtain further information on foot.

For nearly two hours accompanied only by Tpr Bigham, he made a detailed reconnaissance of the bridge from within 5-10 yards although it was continually shelled and mortared and he was constantly under M.G. and snipers’ fire.

He finally returned with the most comprehensive report and measurements of the damage to the bridge and a sketch map.

By his disregard of danger and determination, Sgt Beet obtained detailed information urgently required by R.E. which had not hitherto been obtained.

RCH Kidd
4th Hussars

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