During the afternoon of 18 April 1945 in the area of VILLA FONTANA, when in command of his section of three KANGAROOS carrying the infantry, Sgt Peggie, ‘C’ Sqn 4th Q.O.Hussars was ordered to attack up the river T.GIANA on the extreme right on the N.Z. Div sector.

He led his section which was by this time only two KANGAROOS strong over a thousand yards of open bullet-swept country right up to the stop-bank. Here within a stone’s throw of the strongly held enemy line and with an open flank on his right he made such use of his KANGAROOS to give fire support to the infantry that they were able to clear the stop-bank and dig in.

He also voluntarily used the KANGAROOS for the evacuation of wounded under heavy shell fire which came down whenever tank movement was seen.

He showed conspicuous coolness and skill in their handling.

He remained in his position until nightfall and made his presence an important factor in the successful holding of the stop-bank by the infantry.

AM Barne
4th Hussars

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