During the action on May 27th, when the German Panzers attacked our Southern Flank Lieut. Moss and SSM Brown were cut off from the remainder of their Squadron. In the subsequent withdrawal Lieut. Moss’s tank broke down and SSM Brown towed it for 10 miles under intermittant fire.

At the end of this distance an attempt was made to repair the tank, they had just got it going when they were attacked again both tanks being put out of action and Lieut Moss being wounded in the thigh.

SSM Brown feigned death and was actually tuned over by a German officer thus considering him to be dead.

After lying for four hours he got up and carried Lieut Moss a distance of over 1 mile to a small party of vehicles.

His action undoubtedly saved his Officer’s life

Commander, 4th Armoured Brigade.

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