On March 6th 1942 Tpr Campbell was ordered to convey the Brigade Major of the 48th Infantry Brigade from PEGU to the Headquarters of the 63rd Infantry Brigade.

South of PEGU an enemy road block was encountered and heavy fire from anti-tanks weapons, small arms fire and petrol bombs was directed against Tpr Campbell’s tank. The Brigade Major was wounded in the head, and there was no-body to direct Tpr Campbell. The tank was struck in two places by A.T. rounds.

With great presence of mind, and whilst under concentrated fire from point blank range, Tpr Campbell contrived to steer the tank through a narrow gap in the road block and subsequently reached his destination.

In the absence of a tank commander it was entirely due to Tpr Campbell’s initiative and calmness under heavy fire that the tank was not lost and the wounded Officer in it not captured.

FRC Fosdick
7th Hussars

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