Tpr Reeves is driver of an Inf Carrier (Kangaroo) Tk. On 14 Apr 45, 2nd Tp ‘A’ Sqn 4H was employed to carry a Coy of L.I.R. in an attempt to rush the flood bank of R.RENO north of LAVEZZOLA.

The KANGAROO driven by Tpr Reeves carrying the coy comdr was leading the attack, and came under very heavy fire both from small arms, mortar and artillery. Very soon after being committed, the kit on the outside of the vehicle was set ablaze by tracer ammunition.

As the commander of the vehicle was unable to leave his .5 Vickers gun and wireless set, Tpr Reeves stopped the vehicle and with the greatest coolness climbed out on top, whilst under concentrated fire, loosed and threw off the burning kit before the rest of the vehicle could catch fire.

He then advanced so fast and with such skill that he was able to regain his position in the attack.

Tpr Reeves fully realised the danger in which he placed himself and was fully aware that the personnel he was carrying was vital to the success of the attack.

His coolness, courage and skill were the source of great praise from his infantry passenger; and there is no doubt that, but for his action the attack would not have succeeded.

At all times he has shown the same coolness and disregard of personal danger and been an inspiration and example to the men of his squadron.

AM Barne
4th Hussars

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