In the KNIGHTSBRIDGE (Battle of Gazala, Western Desert) area on the 29th May, 1942, Tpr Vollans was gunner on a tank commanded by 2Lt Thurston, 7th Hussars.

His troop was acting as advance guard to the composite squadron whose role was flank guard to 3 RTR. The troop was heavily engaged by enemy tanks and 2Lt Thurston was seriously wounded in the head, and the tank was knocked out.

2Lt Thurson managed to get out of the tank but then collapsed. Although under heavy fire at the time Tpr Vollans carried 2Lt Thurston to the covered side of the tank from fire, dressed the officer’s wounds and administered morphia.

Throughout this period Tpr Vollans remained absolutely calm until rescued by 2Lt Carter, 8th Hussars. His devotion and complete disregard of his own danger was an inspiration to the remainder of his crew.

G Kilkelly
Lt Col
Comd 8th KRI Hussars

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