During the preliminary advance up the TONGUE, Tpr Jefford was the machine gunner of the leading KANGAROO.

Two troops on foot had been pinned down by heavy MG and mortar fire and the success of the advance depended largely on the extent to which the enemy would become demoralised when confronted with the KANGAROOS.

Tpr Jefford stood up behind his gun, his whole body exposed, and fired almost continuously the whole time. The weight of fire which he brought down contributed materially to the success of the final infantry assault.

Later fire was opened on his KANGAROO by a Spandau from about 150 yards. Tpr Jefford, still exposed, engaged it with his Browning and silenced it.

Throughout he showed great courage and disregard for his personal safety.

LH Riches RM
Lt Col
Comd 43 (RM) Cdo

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