At GALESE on 19 Jun 44 Tpr Miller was the Med Orderly in a 15cwt Armd Med Scout Car which was sent off to bring in a badly wounded man.

In order to reach this man they had to drive one mile down a stretch of road which was under direct observation of the enemy and which was being very heavily shelled and mortared.

Three quarters of the way down this road they were brought to a full stop by a bridge which had just be destroyed by enemy shell fire.

Nothing daunted, Tpr Myler and his driver dismounted, walked the remaining 500 yards, carried the wounded man back to the vehicle and brought him safely in.

At CITTA DELLA PIEVE on 17 Jun 44 Tpr Myler again distinguished himself by collecting wounded tank crews and infantry men from the outskirts of the village although the whole area was being heavily shelled and mortared. While collecting the wounded he was also being shot at by snipers from nearby houses.

By his prompt administration of first aid under fire, by his coolness and courage, Tpr Myler undoubtedly saved the lives of a number of officers and other ranks.

Sir P.W. Farquhar Bt., DSO
Lt Col
Comd 3 Hussars

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