On the night 12/13 April 1941, Lt Palmer was on patrol on the BARDIA road north of CAPUZZO when three heavy German cars approached his position, he engaged them and drove them off so preventing the withdrawal of an important O.P. party which he was covering.

Later when 2 armoured cars and a lorry of German infantry penetrated the O.P. position his quick action in moving round their flank again prevented the O.P. from withdrawing. during this time he came under heavy M.G. fire.

On the morning of 17 April Lt Palmer’s troop formed the left flank of the squadron on the attack on the western exits of Fort CAPUZZO. On reaching the perimeter of the Camp his troop came under extremely heavy M.G., A/T and field gun fire at very short range.

The guns of Lt Palmer’s own tank jammed but in spite of being unable to return the enemy fire he continued to lead his troop completely round the S.W. and south of the Fort, and by his bold action assisted the remainder of his troop in severely harassing the enemy position.

This officer’s gallant behavior under heavy enemy fire is an example to all ranks.

JC Campbell, DSO, MC

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