During the battle of 22 – 25 Apr 51, Major Huth commanded ‘C’ Sqn 8H which was under command of 29 Indep Inf Bde.

On the 25 Apr when the Chinese attack the Bde in force ‘C’ Sqn had the task of covering the withdrawal of the Infantry Battalions. This task was made all the more tricky on account of the nature of the country and the fact that the Chinese had worked behind the Infantry positions.

Throughout the whole action Major Huth displayed personal courage, getting out of his tank to direct other tanks over difficult going and organising the collection of wounded onto the back of Tanks. His tank was frequently cut off by Chinese Infantry, and he himself covered the rear of his tank with his Bren Gun.

In the final stage when he had loaded up all his tanks with wounded, he himself and one other tank kept off over 2000 Chinese and enabled our Infantry to retire.

It was this officer’s coolness in action and his brilliance as a Commander that was mainly responsible for the successful withdrawal of the majority of the force.

Lt Col WG Lowther, Bt
Commanding Officer
8th Kings Royal Irish Hussars

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