6209 Cpl EMERY, WFor conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty, near Uthmaniyah on 26th October 1918. When all the numbers of this Hotchkiss gun had become casualties, he kept the gun in action by himself, rendering valuable support to the troops near him. When wounded in his right shoulder he transferred the gun to his left and continued firing until the gun was hit and rendered useless.
5176 Sjt HARVEY, HFor conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. This non-commissioned officer’s coolness and hard work under fire, as well as his energy and keenness in the back areas, have inspired his men on all occasions. In battle, he has laid lines as far forward as possible under difficult and dangerous conditions, and at all times the example he has set and the work he has performed have been most satisfactory.
4498 SSM REEVES, WFor gallant conduct at Zillebeke on 13th February 1915, when he picked up a bomb, the fuse of which was still burning and threw it out of the trench. This prompt action undoubtedly saved the lives of three of his comrades.
45613 RSM WELCH, EFor conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty near Huwaish on 28th October 1918. During a withdrawal, he turned back to pick up a wounded man and saved him from being captured. Later, when his regiment was holding a defensive position exposed to heavy fire, he carried messages from his commanding officer over a fire-swept zone and also superintended the ammunition supply and the evacuation of the wounded.

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