The image is that of a Sultan belonging to QRIH Command Troop, Operation Granby 1990-91

The Sultan was the Regiments command and control vehicle based on the Combat Vehicle Recognises Tracked platform. It had a higher roof than the armoured personnel carrier variants, providing a more comfortable “office space” inside.

It contained a large vertical map board and desk along one side, with a bench seat for three people facing it. Forward of this was a position for the radio operator, with provision for four radios, and vehicle commander, whose seat could be raised to give him access to the pintle-mounted general-purpose machine gun. The driver sat forward of this in a small compartment beside the engine space, on a chair with a spring-loaded seat that allows him to recline inside the vehicle or sit upright with his head out of the hatch.

The CVR(T) fleet is being phased out of service after 50 years of use by Bulldog (432 variants) and Warriors until Boxer, and Ajax platforms enter service.

The CVR(T) series of vehicles were used by both the Queen’s Own and Irish Hussars plus the Queen’s Royal Hussars. Many of the surplus platforms are now being operated by Latvia and a number have been offered to the Ukrainian armed forces.