WO2 Squadron Sergeant Major Jimmy Marshall, C Squadron, 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars

Jimmy enlisted into the 4th Queen’s Own Hussars in May 1937 but post-basic training was transferred to the 8th Hussars and was posted to Abbassia Barracks Cairo Egypt in January 1938.

He would fight with the 8th throughout the North Africa campaign and was promoted to Lance Corporal in May 1942 and Corporal in late 1942. He returned to England in December 1943 with the Regiment to prepare for the invasion of Normandy and was promoted to Sergeant in April 1944.

He landed in Normandy on D+6 and fought his way with the Regiment through France, Belgium, Holland and into Germany, finally ending the war in Hamburg in May 1945.

He took part in the Berlin victory parade with his photograph appearing in many publications of the day. A competent, courageous and immaculately turned out Troop Sergeant at all times.

In November 1945 he was promoted to Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant, and in October on the Regiments move back to Leicester he was promoted to Warrant Officer.

In the early 1950 on the reformation of ‘C’ Squadron, he assumed the post of SSM with Major Henry Huth as Squadron Leader. Little did they know that in a matter of months they would be back in combat on the other side of the world on the Korean Peninsula.

Jimmy was a caring and considerate SSM to all his soldiers in ‘C’ Squadron during their time in Korea and would use his vast previous experience as a Tank commander and soldier to guide the young Troop Leaders and soldiers who would fight in the life and death struggle on the River Imjin.

He moved his Squadron back from Korea in March 1952 to Luneburg and was posted on promotion to the Yorkshire Hussars as their RSM in 1956.

Jimmy would see further postings to the AFV Gunnery School and Aden prior to his discharge in 1959.

Jimmy overcame a speech impediment that would have daunted lesser men and whilst SSM was known to give orders via whistles.

A loyal, fearless, caring and redoubtable 8th Hussar, Jimmy passed away in February 1997.