Tim Rogers died on the 1st January 1984 in a Dublin hospital after a long and very courageously borne illness, which he refused to allow to interfere with his greatly expanding Thoroughbred business plans.

He served in the 4th Hussars from 1943 to 1947 and was awarded the M.C. in Italy in 1944.

He acted as A.D.C. to Winston Churchill on his visits to Italy, and it was no doubt this contact which enabled him to purchase, some years later from Mr Churchill, his two stallions, High Hat and Vienna. From this auspicious beginning, he was able to establish himself as a major promoter of high-class stallions — Habitat and Petingo being the two most famous of all the Rogers stallions.

To quote from an article by Peter Willett in the Horse and Hound, ‘Tim will always be remembered as one of the most remarkable, one of the shrewdest and one of the most determined men in the centre of the world Thoroughbred Stage during the last quarter of a century’.

Recently he had extended his breeding interests in both Australia and New Zealand, in addition to the many studs controlled by him in Ireland.

He will be sadly missed by his very many friends, not least by those who knew him whilst serving with the 4th Hussars.

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