Basil Plummer was an unusual 4th Hussar because, although he remained a member of the Regiment, rising to the rank of Captain, he never served in the Regiment.

Capt Plummer
Capt Plummer

Born in 1924, he was commissioned from Sandhurst into the 4th Hussars and trained on Churchill and Matilda tanks at the RAC Centre.

He was then posted to Normandy as part of the allied drive into Germany.

Thereafter he served in West Africa and latterly India, where he was in keen demand as a cricketer.

After retiring to civilian life in 1948 he worked in London and New Zealand. He married in 1954 Elsie Rew (deceased in 2020); they had no children.

He died in March 2022, 4 days short of his 97th birthday. To his brother and other members of his family, we send our sincere sympathy.

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