Killed in action on the 5th September 1916, aged 25 at Senussi District, Egypt

Carlyon was born in Maidenhead to Lieutenant Colonel David James Mason-MacFarlane and Mary Blanche Mason-MacFarlane in March 1891. Their home address was Kindowie’, Boynton Road Boyn Hill.

He attended Rugby School from 1904 to 1908 then entered RMC Sandhurst in September 1909 and was commissioned into the 7th Queen’s Own Hussars.

He passed out First with honours and won the King’s Gold Medal as best Officer Cadet with the highest score and won six First Prizes.

Egyptian Expeditionary Force

In January 1916 he was sent out to Egypt and made Commandant of Signals for the Western Frontier Egyptian Field Force. He was then specially selected to command a Company of the 18th Imperial Camel Corps on account of his initiative and resourcefulness.

On his last patrol, he had entered an unexplored oasis when a skirmish broke out. He was cut off from his patrol along with his Junior Officer by a number of Senussi tribesmen and killed.

His body was recovered and buried at the base of a cliff where he fell. On the 1st of October 1916, he was mentioned in Despatches. Gazette issue 29845.

Mentioned in Despatches by General Sir Archibald Murray, K.C.B, Commander-in-chief to the Secretary of State for War.

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