Ian Hart joined The 7th Hussars at Luneburg in July 1949 from RMA Sandhurst Intake III.

Captain Ian Hart
Captain Ian Hart

He volunteered to serve with The 8th Kings Royal Irish Hussars in Korea in July 1950 and was the first of the seven 7th Hussars Officers who volunteered to serve with the 3 Armoured Regiments posted there, the 8th Kings Royal Irish Hussars, 5th Dragoon Guards and 1st Royal Tank Regiment.

By the time of the Imjin Battles in 1951, there was great concern that a Centurion MK III would be captured with its then-unique gun stabiliser.

Ian was most gallant in the withdrawal to Seoul and was Mentioned in Despatches.

In the Spring of 1952 he returned to The 7th Hussars, then in Fallingbostel and was a hero to all of us callow troop leaders in ‘C’ Squadron.

When his Mention in Despatches was promulgated he wore his father’s oak leaves from World War I, which his father had earned in Macedonia.

In 1954 he met Judy Gay whose brother was serving with The Bays in Fallingbostel. The 7th Hussars were being posted to Hong Kong, so it was not until 1956 that the engaged couple could marry. On the first amalgamation when QOH was formed in 1958, Ian sadly decided to leave the Regiment and become a stockbroker.

He had two main hobbies. General Sir Patrick and the late Lady Howard Dobson guided the Harts into offshore sailing. He was also an expert model maker and kindly donated his mounted and vehicle models to Home Headquarters.

In 2000 Ian became President of his local British Korean Veterans’ Association Branch. We send our deepest sympathy to Judy his widow and to his children, Jonathan and Caroline.

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