On his death, the Times and Telegraph both wrote a half-page column obituary on him.

Col GJ Kidston-Montgomerie
Col GJ Kidston-Montgomerie

It would be appropriate in his Regiment’s own Regimental Journal to write a few lines on a more personal note.

The cavalry spirit has played a prominent part over many years in the British Army. Allied to Regimental spirit it has been the strength of our history over many years, Colonel George was the embodiment of the cavalry spirit.

Cheerful in defeat, and chivalrous in victory, he commanded the respect of all other ranks.

It is never easy for an officer to be brought in to command a famous Regiment from another Regiment, the 12th Lancers in George’s case.

But very soon he had won the minds and hearts of men under his command. His real love of the Regiment and his sense of humour coupled with his indomitable courage was a passport to everything he undertook.

Field Marshal Montgomery has said at one time that Colonel George was the best Armoured Commander he had.

The Colonelcy of the Regiment passed to Colonel George in 1965 on the death of Sir Winston Churchill.

For many years he had been Sir Winston’s deputy Colonel George was Colonel of The Queen’s Royal Irish Flussars until 1969.

Many years ago, Chaucer wrote of someone whom he called a very perfect gentle Knight. Lieutenant Colonel George Kidston-Montgomerie DSO, MC was just such a Knight.

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