Gerry joined the Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars in 1978 and was posted to ‘B’ Squadron in Paderborn.

Cpl GJ Carroll
Cpl GJ Carroll

After a short time with the Regiment Gerry went to Canada on Med Man I as a Chieftain driver attached to 4th Troop, ‘A’ Squadron.

On the Regiment’s return to Tidworth from Germany in 1979 it was obvious that Gerry had a talent for tank driving and very soon he became a D&M Instructor teaching numerous courses within the Regiment.

Gerry returned with the Regiment to Germany in 1982.

Gerry was promoted to corporal in 1985 and after a stint at Bovington, he returned with the Regiment to Fallingbostel.

After the Gulf War in 1991 and a UN tour in Cyprus in 1993, Gerry was offered Phase 2 redundancy.

He was awarded the UN Cyprus Medal in 1979 and the 1991 Gulf Medal and Clasp in January 1992.

Although Gerry had strong links with his native Dublin he decided to settle in Bovington in Dorset where he had many friends and made many more.

In the last few years, Gerry did not enjoy very good health but still managed to enjoy life.

It was while at work on 7 November 2007 that he, unfortunately, passed away prematurely.

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