John was born in Belfast, in the Finaghy Area in December 1948, went through his schooling and eventually went to work as an electrician, unfortunately, the firm he worked for was forced to close due to the Troubles, John then tried his hand at a postman.

Cpl J Kane
Cpl J Kane

John had met his future wife Ann, who came from the Oldpark area and was working in a chip shop on the Crumlin Road, in 1968. They were married in 1969, and their son John Lee was born in 1970.

Life as a postman lost its lustre so John decided to join the Army, he enlisted in 1972 and was badged to the Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars.

Daughter Nichola was born in 1974.

John was extremely proud to be an Irish Hussar and they were justly proud of him.

When the regimental Pipe Band was formed John became one of the Pipers, one story goes that he would ask did his bottom look big in the kilt, it is said that he had the worst knees ever seen below a kilt. However he became a stalwart in the Pipe Band, I am sure coming from Finaghy had something to do with this.

John saw service in many places including Germany, Cyprus, and Warminster, Canada and of course he was deployed in the Gulf in 1991.

He was awarded the UN Medal and the Gulf medal.

John took advantage of early retirement from the Army in 1992 having almost completed a full 22 years of service.

He settled in Cleethorpes with Ann and the family and like any granddad doted on his granddaughters Zoe Louise and Katie Ann.

He worked in a fish factory for two years but was forced to finish work due to ill health, which never improved and resulted in his untimely death in March 2008.

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