Richard Carter died on 8 February 2007, aged 77.

He joined the 4th Hussars at Colchester in August 1948 as a regular soldier and left as a sergeant in June 1953.

He served in Malaya from September 1948 to November 1952, and the whole of that time was with 4th Troop ‘A’ Squadron.

He was very much involved in the ambush at Jalang Road near Ipoh, where seven of the troop died, and he himself was wounded. He was the Bren gunner in the last vehicle – a GMC and it was largely due to his great courage and determination that the troop was able to withdraw.

He was Mentioned in Despatches for his bravery.

He continued to serve in 4th Troop, was eventually promoted to Troop Corporal and was the very able gunner in the Troop Leader’s Daimler armoured car.

After Malaya, he returned to Tidworth where he completed the balance of his service.

In civilian life, he acquired a number of country skills associated with farming. He married Pat in 1954 and settled in the Ticehurst area of East Sussex. He spent much time working with the Vidal family, who were the local landowners.

He had the reputation of a man with extremely high standards, who could set his hand to anything.

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