Stan died on 9 December 2006, aged 71.

He first enlisted into the Army as a boy in the Royal Army Ordnance Corps at Leeds on 22 February 1951.

He served for two years 86 days and was then discharged on 18 May 1953 as not being suitable for RAOC. He had a chequered time with the RAOC, spending two periods at Colchester.

He re-enlisted at Catterick Camp on 22 September 1953 into the Royal Armoured Corps. After training with 66 training Regiment he joined the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars at Luneburg (BAOR) on 24 March 1954.

He was late in arriving and, once again, he was absent without leave. He was posted to the Quartermaster’s Department and proved to be an asset.

Stan was quite a sportsman and competed at Regimental level in athletics. Regrettably, in later years, probably due to this, he suffered very badly with arthritis. He was appointed LYLC in June 1954 but lost it two months later. He married Audrey on 20 November 1954. Stephen was born on 19 November 1955.

Just as he was becoming a useful member of the Regiment, he messed up again going AWOL in the UK in November 1954. In February 1955 he was posted to the RAC Ranges at Warcop, but before joining them was AWOL again.

Stan was posted from Warcop to 5DG in January 1956, prior to returning to the Regiment in Luneburg in February 1956, and was again employed in the Quartermaster stores. He was still unable to keep out of trouble and the Guard Room during 1956 and 1957.

His family joined him in February 1957 and he stayed out of trouble. Anthony was born in December 1957.

In August 1958 he left Luneburg for the RAC Depot for onward posting to the Aden Protectorate Levies, joining them on 15 October 1958.

Stan returned to the UK on 18 April 1960 and was on Held Strength at the RAC Depot until rejoining the Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars at Hohne (BAOR) on 3 September 1960.

In December 1960 he was posted to the D&M School at Bovington. Susan was born on 2 February 1961.

He returned to the Regiment in Aden in January 1962 and during the next few months improved his trade qualifications.

He was on the Advance Party to Malaya and flew with them to Singapore on 20 September 1962 and to Brunei on 28 February 1963. He was appointed LULC again on 18 April 1963 but relinquished it on posting to the Aden Federal Regular Army on 6 September 1963. His family joined him from Singapore on 26 October 1963. Robert was born on 14 August 1964.

He returned to the RAC Depot on 2 October 1964 and rejoined the Regiment in Wolfenbuttel on 19 January 1965, joining Tech Troop in HQ Squadron. He was appointed lance corporal on 1 February 1965 and promoted to corporal on 3 September 1966.

He returned to the UK on 2 February 1968 and was posted to 1 RTR to serve his last six months of service in the UK. It is hard to believe but at this stage in his career, he was AWOL again. This time he had his stripes to protect him from detention.

He was discharged on 21 September 1968.

He re-enlisted on 28 February 1969 and served in the UK with the JDSC Warminster and the RAC Centre. He rejoined QRIH in Paderborn on 22 April 1971 and returned to the UK on 6 November 1971 for discharge. He was discharged for the last time on 3 January 1972.

He worked in security for 15 years and was injured during the course of it. He then drove for a car part firm. For the last 15 years of his life, he was incapacitated.

Stan joined the Regimental Association on 4 August 1984 but did not attend any Regimental or Troop events. He did keep in touch with HHQ though.

Stan was a likeable character and a most loyal Irish Hussar but a bit naïve which caused him a lot of problems, as is apparent from this obituary.

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