Bill died on 7 November 2005, aged 74.

Cpl WG Bye
Cpl WG Bye

He joined the Army as a boy in the Royal Artillery on 28 March 1946 and served with them for 14 months. He then enlisted on 20 July 1950 into the RAC as a National Serviceman.

He was discharged after 55 days on 12 September 1950 and re-enlisted the same day as a Regular soldier. He was classified as gunner/signaller, having been trained by 8 RTR.

On 15 March 1951, he sailed to Japan on his way to join the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars in Korea, joining them on 6 June 1951.

He sailed home in the MV Georgie on 15 December 1951, arriving in Liverpool on 15 January 1952.

He moved to Lüneburg with the Regiment on 21 March 1952, and in May he qualified as a Sig/Gnr BII. On 9 October 1954 he started on the promotion ladder and on 19 March 1955 became a corporal. Receiving a severe reprimand on 11 October 1956 and another one in May 1957, he reverted to Trooper at his own request on 7 June 1957. He was appointed local lance corporal on 23 April 1958.

He married Erika on 9 August 1958. At this time ‘Tojo’ changed his trade to clerk. He became a Queen’s Royal Irish Hussar on 24 October 1958.

On 20 February 1959, he reverted to Trooper and was posted to HQ Woolwich Garrison as a clerk. He was re-appointed to local lance corporal on 21 February 1959. Terry was born on 15 March 1960. He became a Clerk Gd II on 26 October 1960 and returned to the Regiment in Hohne on 21 April 1961, moving with them to Tidworth on 19 June 1961.

He flew to Aden on 9 October 1961 and was attached to the 11th Hussars. On 16 April 1962, he was posted to the Regiment’s Recce Flight. He moved with the flight to Ipoh on 30 September 1962. Stephen was born on 31 October 1963.

He returned to QRIH strength on 24 January 1964. He was promoted corporal on 2 April 1964, moving with the Regiment to Wolfenbüttel on 22 October 1964. He became a BI clerk on 4 March 1965 and was posted to No 2 Armoured Delivery Squadron on 15 March 1966.

He rejoined the Regiment at Bovington on 12 September 1968, and on 2 September 1970, he was posted to RHQ 3 Division Aviation Regiment. He was discharged on 12 September 1972.

He was awarded the UK and UN medals for Korea, the GSM Malaya and the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, with gratuity! He served 22 years and one day.

In civilian life, he worked for a company in Battersea as a clerk before joining the NHS; where he stayed until his retirement.

Bill was a loyal 8th Hussar and Irish Hussar. He had an amusing character and was always good company – once seen, not forgotten.

He rejoined the Regimental Association in September 2001, but we did not see him at Regimental events. In later years he suffered from ill-health.

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