Godfrey joined the 8th Hussars from Sandhurst in October 48 and it was quickly apparent that he had the making of a very fine Officer.

Lt CG Alexander, 8th Hussars
Lt CG Alexander

He entered into all the activities of the Regiment which was then stationed at Leicester and proved himself a good man to hounds.

On mobilisation, he was appointed acting Adjutant and IO.

On the formation of Cooper force in December 1950 he was given command of a troop of Light Tanks and in the battle that ensued he fought his troop with great ability and courage.

He died on 4th January 1951 in Korea, killed in action.

And so died one of the finest young Officers that this Regiment has ever had in its history one who, if only he had survived, would have brought great renown not only to his Regiment but also to the Army as a whole.

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