Born into a family of service to the State, nurtured in the family home of Stowe, Richard was worthy in his life of all the traditions of his upbringing.

Lt Col R Close-Smith OBE

Commissioned into the 4th Hussars in 1930, although very young for his temporary rank he commanded a squadron brilliantly in the ill-fated Greek campaign.

His cheerfulness, personal courage and leadership throughout were an inspiration all during the campaign as they were indeed in the long inevitable years of captivity after the surrender.

After the war he was to command the Regiment he served so well, and will long be remembered for his tenure of command during the difficult times in Malaya.

On retirement, immensely happy in his life with Judith, though in constant uncomplaining pain with arthritis, he had time to exercise his artistic ability.

His irritation at the hanging of his etchings was typical of his insistence through the life of ‘Nothing but the best‘, and his modesty would never accept his work to be – just that.

A great companion to his friends, a despiser of material ambition, a de-bunker of all that was false, he was a perfect host, and master of a totally kind wit. He had the great art of seeing the fun in all little things, and showing them to those of lesser view.

He was, in short, a very perfect gentleman.

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