Major Stuart Fryer, who died on 5th September 1990, aged 79, served with the 4th Queen’s Own Hussars from early 1942 until the summer of 1945.

He was always known as Jim or James in the Regiment.

He was in action during the desert battles of 1942, including El Alamein, and showed a most valuable aptitude for navigating with sun and prismatic compasses. His steadiness, humour and reliability were greatly appreciated by all fellow members of the Regiment.

Later he became Second in Command of Squadron, and then in mid-1943, when the Regiment was in Egypt, he took over command of ‘HQ’ Squadron.

He continued to command this Squadron in Italy during 1944 when the Regiment was engaged in the Gothic Line and subsequent battles, and took command of ‘C’ Squadron early in 1945.

For the final battles in Italy, ‘C’ Squadron, equipped with Kangaroo APCs, carried the New Zealand Division into action, and Jim Fryer was later awarded the Military Cross for his part in the successful attack over the River Senio and the consequent advance which ended the campaign.

He was a man of considerable intelligence and charm, ever ready with a dry quip or encouraging word, greatly liked and respected by all ranks, staunchly loyal to his comrades and a rock of reliability.

He will be deeply missed by all his many friends.

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