Micky died on 30 August 2011, aged 87 years.

Maj MA Radford
Maj MA Radford

He enlisted in the ranks at Salisbury on 2 October 1943, serving in the RAC with 30 PTW 58th Training Regiment and OCTU.

He was commissioned on 18 June 1944 and served in the UK at various training establishments until embarking on 3 January 1945 for India, arriving on 2 February 1945, where he joined the RAC Depot at Poona.

On 9 March 1945, he joined The 3rd Dragoon Guards for training, becoming a Carabineer on 23 June 1945, joining a Squadron.

The Carabineers were equipped with Lee Tanks. Shortly after his arrival, the Regiment took part in the 14th Army offensive across the Irrawady river, towards Mandalay. The Regiment’s last post was to Risalpur on the North West Frontier.

He arrived back in the UK on 7 February 1947, having been awarded the Burma Star, The 1939/45 and Defence Medals.

He took his release on 9 August 1947, going on to the RARO. Having been an engineer before enlistment, he returned to this profession, until 17 August 1950, when he was recalled to the Colours for service in Korea with ‘C’ Squadron, The 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars, then stationed at Tidworth, preparing for Korea.

The Regiment sailed for Korea on 112 October 1950 for Southampton, arriving at Pusan on 14 November 1950.

‘C’ Squadron, except for 1st Troop, had not taken part in the advance to Pyongyang and beyond, but they took part in various operational tasks, including at Osan on 11 February 1951.

Micky was on the Advance Party to Perham Down and left Korea on 23 October 1951, arriving in the UK on 1 December 1951, joining The RAC Depot and moving to Perham Down on 2 January 1952. He was on the Rear Party for the move to Lüneburg, arriving on 3 April 1952.

In December 1952 he returned to the UK to attend a Tank Technology course.

He married Mady on 1 August 1953. They had 3 children, Annette, Madeline and Peter.

He returned to the Regiment as Technical Adjutant on 18 December 1953, remaining as such until 15 October 1957, when he returned to the UK. He was employed at the RAC Centre as OC The Equipment Wing. It was here that he bought the Alvis and Stalwart Load Carriers into service. He was
promoted to Major on 19th October 1957.

He moved to FVRDE on 14 February 1962 for one year. When he rejoined the ‘Irish Hussars’ in Ipoh, Malaya, he was employed as the Administrative Officer. He returned to the UK on 5 August 1964, and after leaving, he moved to Wolfenbüttel as SSO.

He returned to the UK on 6 April 1965 and joined The Inspectorate of Fighting Vehicles and Mechanical Equipment at Dartford as TSO2.

He retired on 31 March 1968. He then became a teacher after a period of teacher training at Avery Hill College in Kent. Micky taught technical subjects at St. John’s Secondary School in Gravesend where he quickly became head of the department.

In 1976, having become divorced from Irmtraut, Micky moved to Brighton where he then taught at Stanley Deason Secondary School and was, again, head of the department.

He married Audrey in December 1976.

He was an Alvis Car enthusiast and wrote Technical Manuals on the Alvis. He also owned 7 examples of this wonderful motor car and wrote numerous technical articles including ‘Radford’s Restoration Notes’ and then two books. The first was ‘The Alvis 12/50 engine’ in 1971 and then in 1999, the 600 pate, 2 volume ‘Vintage Alvis Manual’. Micky also, later, authored a prayer book entitled ‘The Way of Light’.

Micky was a charming, brave and loyal soldier, who was much admired by his Troop for his conscientious care of them.

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