Paddy Armstrong died on 21 November 1995 in Belfast, where he had lived since leaving the Regiment in 1958.

Sgt G Armstrong
Sgt G Armstrong

He was nearly 92 at the time of his death but had kept very fit due to his habit of walking daily and tending his garden.

He first enlisted into the Army in October 1926 and served with the 8th Hussars for six years, before returning to civilian life in 1932.

Paddy, however, decided that ‘Civvy Street’ was no place for a soldier of his talents and enlisted into the Royal Ulster Rifles in 1933, winning the distinction of being ‘Champion Recruit’ while Paddy transferred to the 3rd Hussars in September 1935, remaining with them until being posted to the 10th Hussars in 1946.

Paddy, with help from Maj Dick Bertram, wrangled a transfer back to the 3rd Hussars, where he stayed until his final release in July. For many years of his service, Paddy was employed as a groom, a job he performed with distinction.

For some time during the second world war, he was a driver to Maj Hardy, OC HQ Squadron. The verbal exchanges between these two characters used to be a constant source of amusement in the Regiment.

For the last few years of his service, he worked in the Quartermaster’s Department, holding the rank of Sergeant (kettle drummer), being the last 3rd Hussar to hold that appointment.

It was thought at the time here there is no proof that Paddy was the only kettle drummer to have served with the Regiment, who was not a member of the Band.

Paddy, with his fresh sense of humour and steadfast loyalty to the Regiment, had made many friends both young and old. He is survived by his wife Edith and two daughters, to whom we extend our deepest sympathy.

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