George joined the 45th Royal Tank Regiment, which was a Territorial Regiment based in Leeds, in March 1939.

Sgt GF Dickinson
Sgt GF Dickinson

The Regiment was posted to Egypt in July 1942. After being equipped with the Sherman Tank, the Regiment took part in the battle of El Alamein. During the regrouping in December 1942, George was posted to the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars, with the rank of sergeant, and posted to ‘C’ Squadron.

During the D-Day preparations, he was posted to HQ Squadron as transport sergeant. Shortly after his arrival in France, he was posted to ‘A’ Squadron as 1st troop sergeant, and he later joined Reece troop and stayed with them through France, Belgium, Holland and Germany, taking part in the Victory Parade in Berlin in July 1945.

George was demobbed in 1945 and on his release the then Commanding Officer wrote, ‘An exemplary military record from a thoroughly dependable, quiet, adaptable leader who has the great organising ability and remains calm and collected under the most disturbing conditions.’ His knowledge of all sides of vehicle maintenance and his power of directing others has always made him a popular and competent leader. I cannot express too highly his value to the Regiment.

He continued his work as a weaving overlooker in Leeds and devoted much of his life to the church in Bramley. George was responsible for setting up the charity for the church which raised £86,000 to help with the preservation.

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