It is with great sadness but also with a sense of pride that I sit down to write this obituary to Sgt Ivor Glenn Stirling (Bogey) who passed away suddenly on the 18th of April 2013.

Sgt IG Stirling
Sgt IG Stirling

Ivor was born on the 18th of May 1951 and was raised in the small Co.Antrim village of Ballybogey (hence his regimental nickname Bogey).

On the 20th of May 1968, he joined the Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars and after completing recruit training at Catterick he joined the Regiment in Bovington.

Soon he became a valued and popular soldier bringing comradeship and charity to those around him. Life on the tank park was too mundane for him and it was on the football pitch that he excelled, as the Regimental goalkeeper he won Calvary Cup, Paddy’s Cup, Balaklava Cup and Divisional League titles medals to name but a few.

Although he outwardly showed a brave and carefree attitude behind the mask was a loving and caring person, this was borne out by the many charities he was involved in over the years and the thousands of pounds he raised for those charities. When the chips were down and morale low you could rely on Ivor to come up with a plan to put smiles back on faces.

Ivor married June in Warminster and together they had six children, who were the twinkle of his eye.

Sgt. Ivor Stirling was held in very high regard and this was clear to be seen by a large number of friends and Regimental colleagues that attended his funeral from near and far.

Prior to his death he had made his funeral plans and his request was that the funeral would be a family and Regimental event, ending in a party in his beloved Royal British Legion, this was carried out to the letter and as he decreed a raffle was held and the last bottle of whiskey he purchased raised £370 and 10 Euros, proceeds going to McMillan Cancer and Heart Chest and Stroke.

A big man with a big heart, gone but never forgotten.

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