Jack died on 8 August 1997, aged 76.

He joined the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars in June 1941 from the 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards, with whom he had enlisted in November 1938. He served in France with them from September 1939 until May 1940.

At that time the 8th Hussars were stationed in Abbassia Barracks, Cairo. He took his first trip up to ‘The Blue’ in March 1941. He always spoke with great feelings about how he had been received into the 8th Hussars.

He sailed with the Regiment to Cyprus in January 1943 for six months before returning to Cyrenaica. In December 1943 the 8th Hussars returned to England to prepare for the invasion of Europe. They were stationed, initially, at West Tofts Camp near Thetford.

Jack sailed with the Regiment for Normandy on D+3, He took part in many of the battles, culminating in the Regiment’s advance into Hamburg on 4 May 1943 just four days prior to VE Day.

He took his release in the autumn of 1946 and became a fishmonger, Shortly afterwards he met Betty and they were married in 1947.

In the late spring of 1950, Jack was recalled from the Reserve to fight in Korea. He served in ‘C’ Squadron and looked after the squadron Officers’ Mess.

He was so happy to be back with the Regiment that he decided to join the mounted branch of the City of London Police. He married Renee on 11 February 1939. After his police service, he worked on the security side of EMI Electronics at Feltham and Hayes. A lot of their work was on defence contracts. Max proved to be a key person in the highly professional security team. He was recognised by all who knew and worked with him as a loyal, discreet, reliable and scrupulously honest person. His appearance was always immaculate.

His integrity was unquestionable – all excellent attributes to work in the highly confidential and sensitive area of defence security. Insofar as the formation of the DSD was concerned, he played a key role in the selection and training of security staff.

He assisted with the implementation of various security regulations and procedures such as the establishment of comprehensive document security systems, the implementation of which necessitated visits to all locations and contact with all levels of management which he did successfully.

On retirement, he enjoyed his garden, tennis and his cat.

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