Melvyn Howell died on 11th June 1991.

We first came into contact with each other while waiting for an AFV Vehicle Mechanics course at Bovington. We spent our time with others turning an Alvis Coupe car into an Alvis Sports car for the Trade Training Officer — Captain McClure, 14th/20th King’s Hussars.

Upon completion of our course, we returned to Catterick and requested a posting to the 8th KRI Hussars on the advice of Geordie Stoneman who was also on the course, having been sent directly from the Regiment. He said it was quite a good Regiment to join.

On arrival at Leicester Airfield, we were posted to ‘A’ Squadron Fitters’ Troop and from there to ‘B’ Squadron at Warminster to become ‘Fanny’ Adams young boys. From then on we stayed together and became firm friends for the rest of our service in Korea, Germany and then discharge.

We made various weekend visits to each others’ homes, usually for cricket — Mel is a very keen cricketer who played for the Regimental team.

Our promotions were achieved at about the same time.

On our discharge in 1953, we regretfully lost touch with each other when Mel joined the Gloucestershire Constabulary.

We all who knew him have lost a true friend of our youth and to his wife and son, we extend our deepest sympathy.

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